Faculty-learning community will focus on gender identity, expression

One of the faculty-learning communities offered by the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center will center on gender identity and expression in the classroom.

The workshop will be facilitated by Danielle DeMuth, assistant professor of women and gender studies. Unlike other FTLC learning communities, it will meet four times in the winter semester, beginning January 27.

DeMuth said results from the campus climate study prompted her to suggest this workshop to FTLC leaders. “As a teacher, you constantly think about what the climate is like in your classroom for students,” she said. “We have a non-discrimination policy based on gender expression and identity, but how are we doing as a campus?”

Workshop participants will consider best practices for creating an inclusive classroom environment, DeMuth said. Christine Rener, director of the FTLC, said the center is happy to support this effort.

“Faculty-learning communities are a way for faculty members to learn together and from each other,” Rener said. “Each group is expected to result in an outcome that can be shared with the university community. Resources to help faculty create a welcoming and supportive learning environment for all students are needed and fits with our mission.”

Faculty members who wish to register for the workshop can submit an email to Dana Munk at munkd@gvsu.edu. More information about all FTLC learning communities is online at www.gvsu.edu/ftlc and click on “Ongoing Programs.”