Qualified undergraduates interested in information systems may be admitted to a combined bachelor’s/master’s program and obtain both a B.S. in information systems and an M.S. in applied computer science within an accelerated time frame. 

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Source: EMSI 2020

Career Outlook and Opportunities

Software Engineers start out at an average of $63,928 in the Grand Rapids, MI area according to Salary.com. The median annual wage for computer and information systems managers was $139,220 in 2017 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $83,860 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $208,000. The job outlook for applied computer science professionals is faster than most occupations, with an expected increase in 17 percent 2014-2024. Applied computer science graduates from Grand Valley often hold the following job titles:

  • Programmer
  • Software developer
  • Software designer
  • Software engineer
  • Administrator
  • Systems, analyst
  • Chief information officer
  • Chief technology officer
  • Director
  • Service manager

Source: EMSI, 2020

Course Offerings

Computer science students admitted to this program will dual count up to 12 credits of graduate work in partial satisfaction of the requirements for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. After completing 120 credits and all requirements for the bachelor’s degree, students are awarded a bachelor’s degree. A minimum of 21 graduate credits must be completed after the 120 credits of the bachelor’s degree. All other master’s degree requirements must be met, including a graduate capstone.

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Course Offerings


Students interested in computer science will normally apply directly to the School of Computing and Information Systems for the combined B.S./M.S. program during their second academic year. Application requirements include:

  • Overall GPA of 3.25 or greater
  • Student must have been admitted to the Information Systems program
  • 60 hours of academic credit have been completed or are in progress
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts are allowable)
  • Letter of intent

Admission decisions will be made by the school admissions committee based on the student’s previous academic success in applied computer science, as indicated by GPA and grades in the foundation applied computer science courses, as well as potential success in the graduate program, as indicated by the letters of recommendation, and the student’s letter of intent. Decisions will normally be communicated to students within four weeks of submitting a complete application to the combined degree program.

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For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the costs portion of the GVSU Financial Aid website. For financial support, scholarship search, and filing for FAFSA, please visit the GVSU Financial Support website. You could also be a graduate assistant (GA). Find out more about this opportunity and more on our Financial Support page.

Note: Grand Valley does not charge a higher tuition rate based on residency. Tuition is based on the program in which you chose to enroll.

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