Preparation Requirements for Bulk Mail

  • Only mailed within U.S.A.
  • Must have 200 pieces
  • Each piece must be identical in weight, size, and contents
  • Each piece must have a printed indicia on the envelope or it can be "stamped" on
  • The GVSU "corporate indicia" will work at either post office

Regular Bulk indicia:


(Items including travel, insurance, credit cards, advertising, combined mailing with another organization.)

Nonprofit indicia:


(Must be directly related to the mission of the university.)

  • If you are using either of the 2 imprints above, you must use the GVSU return address for your campus. Ex: 1 Campus Drive, 301 W. Fulton, 401 W. Fulton, etc.
  • Seal all envelopes larger than 6 1/8" X 11 1/2"
  • Feather all envelopes smaller than 6 1/8" X 11 1/2"
  • Give an account number to charge
  • Give total number of pieces
  • ZIP CODE ORDER the entire mailing
    a) Bundle together 10 or more pieces with the same zip code b) If there are less than 10 pieces - they can be combined with other zip codes that share the first three digits of the zip code. * i.e. a few pieces of 49401, 49422, and 49415 can be combined to make a bundle of 10 or more 494. * Remember, if there are 10 or more of the same zip code, do not mix them with other numbers. c) Miscellaneous pieces, which will not fit into a bundle of 10 or more pieces - sort them by states and mark them MISC.
  • Bulk mailings will be processed with in 3 days or less.
  • Mail Services will fill out all appropriate paper work required by the USPS
  • You must include a completed Mail Authorization Form with your mailing
  • Kent Communications or other mail houses should be contacted for large (over 2,000) pieces
  • Kent Communications can update your mailing list and pre-print automated labels for your department that will lower your mailing cost per piece.

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Page last modified May 2, 2016