All letter size envelopes must be shingled (overlap flaps), banded together, and the F-O-P barcoded card included with the mailing. Bind different account numbers in separate groups. Before ordering new envelopes with the GVSU departmental return on it, please call Janet Aubil at 13850 for proper envelope design. Envelopes larger than letter size must be sealed. Mail Services equipment will not seal them. Bind the sealed envelopes by account number (F-O-P) and include the barcoded card. Envelope addresses should be type written in uppercase block letters with no punctuation.

For large mailings, the use of envelopes is preferred to folded paper. If you must use folded paper, use a heavier stock and DO NOT STAPLE THE PAPER TOGETHER. Tabs or tape should be placed on the top and on the right edge of the mailing. The "fold" of the mailing must be on the bottom edge of the mail piece. Be sure to include barcoded cards with numbers (F-O-P) and bind different account numbers into separate groups.

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Page last modified May 2, 2016