All packages over 13 oz. sent for mailing will be processed as Priority Mail unless otherwise noted. Slower, less expensive delivery is available by using Parcel Post. Special rate packages such as Library, Media, and Bound Printed Matter are available and must be so marked. All packages must be carefully wrapped and sealed. Do not use masking tape. Nylon filament packaging tape is recommended and may be obtained from the bookstore.

  • Parcel Post - Generally used for shipping merchandise
  • Library Materials - Used primarily by our library to send approved material to other libraries
  • Media Mail - Books, Films, Printed Music, Test Materials, Sound Recordings, Play scripts, Course Catalogs.

UPS shipment of packages is available. If you wish to use UPS service, you must specify this on your package (along with your account number). The value of the contents must be included. Return shipments must be at Mail Services before 10AM: or call 3858 for pickup; or put with your regular outgoing mail clearly marked "UPS RETURN SHIPMENT". For more information about the United Parcel Service, refer to their web page at

A Fed Ex box is located in the lobby of the Kirkhof Center for your convenience. For more information about Federal Express, refer to their web page at

United States Postal Service additional information
For more information about the United States Postal Service, refer to their web page at
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