Planting Supplies

  • Evergreen seedling
  • Spade or shovel
  • Water
  • Optional: bark, mulch or woodchips

Planting Instructions

Important: Plant Evergreen seedlings as soon as possible

  • Pick a location – clear leaves, grass and weeds
  • Dig a hole – needs to be about the width and depth of the seedling plug
  • Place seedling in the hole – make sure top of the seedling plug is level with the ground – push dirt back around it
  • Completely saturate the soil with water around the tree to prevent any stress or shock from the new environment
  • Optional – spread bark/mulch/woodchips across the top of the soil to prevent weeds and reduce moisture loss

Taking care of your Evergreen tree

Newly planted evergreens should be watered regularly during the first year after planting. They should be soaked by rain or supplemental watering once a week, or more during hot, dry weather. Keep watering during the first year during dry conditions right up until the ground freezes.

Page last modified May 22, 2019