eLearning and Emerging Technologies is excited to announce that Panopto has replaced TechSmith Relay and Ensemble Video.

Panopto allows for the same functionality as before along with new features such as a more robust video editor and closed-captioning. 

We have transferred all of your available videos from Ensemble into Panopto and will be located in a folder with your Grand Valley username in Panopto.  Important Note: Any 'unpublished' video or audio that was in Ensemble was NOT migrated to Panopto.

We encourage you to register for Panopto workshops in Sprout.

You can begin using your Panopto Library along with the Panopto Recorder by logging into GVSU's Panopto Portal with your University username and password.

Panopto Logo

GVSU's Panopto Portal provides access to your Panopto Library and the Panopto Recorder.


  • Editing the beginning, middle and end of a video
  • Adding assessment questions (true/false, multiple choice, discussion, and short answer) within video content
  • Creating closed-captioned video
  • Searching video for keywords, allowing students to quickly jump to specific areas within the video
  • Student access to record their own videos using Panopto’s recording software

Panopto Introduction

Panopto FAQ

Your Ensemble videos were transferred into your Panopto account. Please login to the GVSU Panopto Portal and look for a folder with your Grand Valley username within the My Folder section. 

All video links will be broken and will display as “missing content” in Blackboard.  After June 30th, all user will need to edit their video links and replace them using the Panopto mashup tool.

Relay/Ensemble no longer meets the growing demands of GVSU users, and we decided to invest in a more powerful tool that can support both faculty, staff and students.  

Panopto can be used for screencasting, collecting analytics, making video quizzes and adding captions and transcripts to videos. It has a mobile app, is also available to our students and more importantly is fully integrated with Blackboard.

We have scheduled several Panopto hands-on workshops throughout the month of May which will be repeated all summer long, as well as through the fall  and winter semester. Hands-on workshops for Panopto can be found in Sprout. We are also in the process of developing handouts and video tutorials and will make them available on

If you have a shared department computer or laptop with Windows 10 without administrator access, and would like to have Panopto installed on this system, please submit an IT HelpDesk request.

Panopto and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

PII data such as medical, financial, passport, or social security numbers are considered sensitive data and therefore, is prohibited to use Panopto for delivering content with this information.  Panopto’s license includes the following statement: "Licensee represents and warrants that Licensee shall not provide Licensee Content that is "personally identifiable information" or "protected health information" as may be defined by Privacy Laws. Licensee is solely responsible for obtaining necessary permissions and consents relating to its provision of the Licensee Content.” Classroom related work and content is not considered sensitive PII information.

Related Policies:

·       Confidentiality, Data, and Security Policy

·       Privacy Policy Statement

·       Computing Conditions of Use


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GVSU Strategic Connection

Strategic Priority Area 1: Actively engage learners at all levels.

Institutional outcome D: Grand Valley supports innovative teaching, learning, integrative scholarly and creative activity, and the use of new technologies.

Objective 1.D.2: At least 93% of faculty members regularly use electronic course management tools, such as Blackboard, in their teaching.

Objective 3.B.1: All systems and policies ensure inclusiveness and accessibility.

Objective 4.D.1: Effective technologies are integrated into every function and structure across the institution.

Inclusiveness/Access - Incorporating multiple voices and experiences by valuing identities, perspectives, and backgrounds.  Strengthening and expanding possibilities through technology to increase accessibility and remove barriers.


"I jumped right in to using Panopto because I had a Spring online course to prep. I am thrilled to report it is easy to use. I can make videos and upload them for near immediate use - a great improvement over the old system. Editing videos is easier, and I particularly like the feature that allows me to add quiz questions. Especially, teaching online, being able to add a couple questions to incentivize students to watch the whole video, and check they understood it, is a great bonus pedagogically. I also find the viewership metrics incredibly handy. They provide real insight into students' work habits.”

- Jeff Rothstein, Sociology

"After attending the Panopto online session I was able to get started making videos right away which was great! With some use I've been able to see more of the features in action (such as the quizzing, ability to share multiple screens, ability to embed a YouTube video) and haven't run into any issues. I also haven't heard from any students indicating issues accessing the video, which supports that it works smoothly with different systems and browsers.

The editing tools (ability to slow down, cut, switch screens) is excellent and allows for a much more professional product. The analytics are also insightful. Being able to see who has accessed the video, how much they have viewed (or perhaps what speed they have viewed it at) and how many times they've opened it is definitely been helpful for me in thinking about what kind of content is catching and keeping their attention. It's also great knowing that if I need to I can access the files from any computer and can edit for future use. The online tutorial videos through Panopto are also fairly extensive and have been helpful when I have run into questions (for example where to find the quiz results).

I haven't had students upload videos so can't speak to that. And the captioning is something I'm going to need to explore more in future.”

- Rachel Campbell, Sociology

Page last modified February 15, 2019