Padlet Login

Logging In...

If you are having login issues and getting to a page that says "Need Admin Approval" it may look like this. You have tried to access your account by going to and not through our university account at

Faculty Outlook Account Login

Faculty who want to use their account must request an account. To do so please email Kelley Senkowski and Noah Campbell.

Please include your full name and email address in the body of the email. 

Faculty who are using their mail will log in through the displayed email or username and password.

GVSU Gmail Login (Student accounts)

If students or faculty using an want a university Padlet account, they can simply login by clicking on the log in with Google button. This will automatically make an account. 

The log in with Google button will also be where those with accounts will login after their account is initially made. 

Any password issues pertaining to the login are tied to the account and you'll need to contact IT Services accounts login screen accounts login by clicking the login with google button.

Page last modified September 5, 2023