Blackboard: Smart Views

A smart view is a customizable view that allows the instructor to select particular students based on specific filter results. This is especially helpful if multiple sections of a course have been merged into one Blackboard course and the instructor wishes to keep the students organized by their assigned section.

Creating Smart Views for Course Sections in a Merged Course

This process will have to be done for each section in the merged course.

  1. From the Grade Center, click Manage then Smart Views
  2. Click "Create Smart View"
  3. Enter a Name and Description (optional)
  4. Check "Add as Favorite" to add the Smart View under Grade Center in the Control Panel
Smart View information section
  1. Select "Custom" for the Type of View
  2. Under User Criteria select "Child Course ID"
  3. Set the Condition to "Equal To"
  4. Enter the child course ID of the section into the value text box
    Note: The child course ID for each section can be found the Grade center under the Child Course ID column
  5. Under Filter Results, select "All columns shown to users"
  6. Click Submit 
Smart View Selection Criteria

Add Smartview to Nav Bar

  1. From the Grade Center, click Manage then Smart Views
  2. Find the entry that you would like to add
  3. Check the start under favorite
  4. Click OK
Smart view window

Expand the gradecenter section and it will show up

Expand gradecenter

Page last modified March 18, 2020