Blackboard: Showing Test Results

Show Test Results and Feedback to Students

To set what students will see after concluding a test/quiz got to Edit the Test Options.


Blackboard offers 2 option for feed back to you students.

After submission option

If you select after Submission and keep the check in Score per question

Students will see the full test question and how many points per question they received. They do not see any of the answers.

Instructor View

Select all of the boxes

You can select all the options including: All Answers, Correct, and Submission

The check boxes for All Answers, Correct, and Submission

This set off check boxes will show them All Answers, Correct, and Submission

This will show them All possible Answers, the correct answer and the Submission the student selected

If you do not Select All Answers

Students will see the correct answer and the answer that they selected but not the other options that could have been selected

The correct answer and the answer that they selected is presented

Selecting submitted only

The submitted answer will only show what they selected.

Submitted selected

Students see the question and only the answer they selected without knowing if that was correct or not.

Students only see what they selected

Note on Student Preview Mode

You may observe these various results by creating a small test in your practice test course and using the Enter Student Preview mode.

Page last modified April 22, 2021