Blackboard: Guest Access in a Course

Allow Guest Access to Course

  1. Under the course Control Panel, expand the Customization section
  2. Click "Guest and Observer Access"
Guest and Observer Access button from the course Control Panel
  1. Select "Yes" next to Allow Guests
  2. Click "Submit"
Guest Access Option set to yes

Allow Guest Access to Content Areas

  1. Open the menu for a content area by clicking the arrow to the right of the name
  2. Click "Permit Guests"
Content Area Menu with permit guests option

Tools Unavailable to Guests

The following list includes tools that are unavailable to guests in a course.

  • Tests
  • Blogs
  • Discussion Boards
  • Email
  • Groups
  • Journals
  • Grades
  • Roster
  • Rubrics
  • Tasks

Page last modified June 28, 2019