Blackboard: Creating an Assignment

Creating an Assignment

  1. Select the content area where the students should submit the assignment (i.e. Assignments or Documents)
  2. Hover over the Assessments button and select Assignment
assessment assignment
  1. Fill in the name of the assignment and use the instructions area to provide more details about the assignment
Attach files to an assignment with "Browsing My Computer" or "Browse Content Collection"
  1. A due date can be set for an assignment.

Note: There is an ability to receive items after the due date, but they will be marked as "Late". Be sure to place a check in the box next to the due date if you choose to use this option.

Due date for an assessment
  1. In the grading area, enter the total Points Possible for the assignment.
  2. Click Submit

Note: A new column will automatically be created in the Grade Center for the new assignment

Points possible for an assignment

Page last modified June 18, 2021