Blackboard: Content Folder

A Content Folder is a container for content that holds an organized collection of material. Typically, Content Folders are created in content areas. Within a Content Folder you can build content items, file attachments, links to websites, tests, assignments, and videos.

Create a Content Folder

  1. With Edit Mode set to ON, go into the content area where you want the Folder to be located
  2. From Build Content, select Content Folder
To create Content Folder in a Content Area, click Build Content and then Content Folder

  1. Name the Content Folder and add any directions you want to provide to your students.
  2. Scroll down to apply the Standard Options to your Content Folder.
  3. Select Date restrictions if needed
  4. Click Submit.
In the Name field, beneath Content Folder Information, type in a name for the Content Folder and then in the text editor beneath, add a description. This description is optional.

Page last modified October 30, 2020