Blackboard: Classroom Technologies

Elmo Document Camera

A real-time image capture device that can be used as an electronic whiteboard or for presenting documents, books and 3-dimensional objects via the classroom’s large screen projection system. With built-in zoom capability, multi-directional camera positions and video recording capability the Elmo document camera is a versatile device that can enhance any presentation.

Elmo ImageMate Recording Software for Windows

Elmo ImageMate Recording Software for Mac

Epson Interactive Projector

A high-definition widescreen LCD projector that turns any smooth, lightly colored surface into an interactive touch display. Up to two users can annotate over or interact with the projected image, including computer applications, websites and videos using two interactive pens (included).

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Smart Board

A multi-touch interactive whiteboard that allows two users to simultaneously interact on the board’s surface, while using different tools or their fingers to write, draw and manipulate the computer’s installed software. Includes the ability to capture your work with Smart Notebook collaborative learning software or directly into Microsoft Windows versions of PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

Instructor Workstation

Every GVSU classroom is equipped with a permanently installed instructors workstation. The workstation features a built-in computer with webcam/microphone, DVD/VCR player, document camera and connections for an external laptop or other audio/video device. All of the sources are seamlessly routed through a remote control panel to a large screen LCD projector that can easily be viewed from anywhere in the classroom.

Page last modified April 22, 2021