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Blackboard Assessment and Online Exam/Test Tips

Delivering online tests and quizzes in Blackboard is a great way to check for students' understanding of course outcomes. In fact, on October 29th there were nearly 4,000 simultaneous assessment attempts in Blackboard between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m.  

If you are using the online tests feature in Blackboard, please review the following tips to help ensure that students are able to successful submit their online quiz or test.

  1. Practice Tests - Before students take a "real" or high stakes assessment, we recommend that you have them first take a practice test so that they can become familiar with how tests work in Blackboard.
  2. Wired Connections - It is important for students to be on a stable and reliable network connection.  We recommend taking an assessment on a computer that is connected to a wired network, rather than a wireless connection.
  3. Turn OFF Force Completion - To ensure that students are able to submit their assessment if there is a problem with their connection or assessment attempt, we recommend turning Force Completion OFF.  With this setting turned off, students work is saved and they can reenter the assessment if there is a loss in power or their internet connection or they accidentally close their browser.  
  4. Set Timer - If there is a desire to have the students complete the assessment within a specific time frame, consider using this option.  This will enable the student to see a timer that keeps track of how long each student spends on the assessment.
  5. Save Early Save Often - Blackboard has an auto-saving feature built-in, however, if a student takes extra time during an essay question, their session will expire after 20 minutes.  The key recommendation is for students to save early and save often.  Each question has a save button that allows the student to save their work as they move through the assessment.
  6. Length of Assessment - The longer a test or more questions a test has that more challenging it can be to move from question to question.  We recommend assessments that are shorter than 50 questions.

For additional information or questions about the assessment tool in Blackboard, please contact:

More information and support resources are available on the Blackboard support site.