Blackboard: Adding Documents and other Content

Types of Course Content

In your Blackboard courses, you can add a variety of content, such as Word documents, PDFs, assignments, tests, online lectures, multimedia, and links to websites.

Options for Adding Content to Blackboard

By default,  faculty have three content areas to work with Syllabus, Documents and Assignments.  Faculty may add as many content area as they wish.

Blackboard menus

Build Content Menu

Item:  You can create an item to present a combination of content. You can use the functions in the editor to format text, attach files, embed multimedia, and insert equations, links, and tables.
Audio, Image, Video:  You can upload multimedia files from your computer
Web Link:  You can link to an outside website or resource.
Learning Module:  A learning module is a content container that allows students to navigate through the content from a table of contents. You can add all types of content, such as content items, file attachments, links to websites, tests, assignments, and multimedia.
Course Link:  You can create a shortcut to an item, tool, or area in your course for quick access to relevant materials
Content Folder:  You can organize content in folders and sub-folders. Use folders to reduce scrolling and help students find materials easily.
Mashups:  You can use Mash ups to add photos, videos, presentations to your course.


Test:  You can create tests to assess student knowledge. You can add question types, such as Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Calculated, and Essay.
Survey:  Surveys are ungraded tests. Use surveys to poll student opinion and conduct class evaluations. Survey results are anonymous.
Assignment:  You can create graded coursework, and manage the grades and feedback for each student or group of students.

Tools Menu

Discussion Board:  Links to a discussion board page, or to an individual discussion board forum.
Journals:  Links to the Journal page, or to a specific journal.
Blogs:  Links to the blogs page, or to a specific blog.
Wikis:  Links to the wikis page, or to a specific wiki.
Group:  Links to the groups page, or to a specific group or group set.