Blackboard: Add Extra Credit to Weighted Grades

Step 1: Create Extra Credit Column

  1. Go to Full Grade Center and select Create Column
  2. Name the column and choose the primary display
  3. Enter in 0 for Points Possible
  4. Fill out the remaining options and click Submit
click on create column

Step 2: Create Weighted Total Column

Information on creating a weighted total column can be found at: Adding Extra Credit

Note: Do not add the Extra Credit Column to the Weighted column.

Step 3: Create Final Total Column

  1. Click Create Calculated Column, and select Total Column
  2. Name the column and choose a Primary Display. A Secondary Display is optional.
  3. Scroll down to the Selected Columns section and next to Include in Total, check Selected Columns and Categories
  4. Move your Extra Credit column and Weighted Column to Selected columns 
  5. Choose whether to show column and statistics to students, and select Submit when finished
click on create calculated column and select total column
move your extra credit column and weighted total column to selected column

Page last modified June 27, 2019