Adding Audio/Written Comments to Assignments

Adding Audio/Video Feedback to Assignments

To grade an assignment with audio/video feedback:

  • Go into the Grade Center, hold your mouse over the cell with the Needs Grading icon (!) and click the drop-down arrow
  • Select the Attempt *date*
Audio for Assignments
  • This will redirect you to the students attempt where you are able to:
    • Add a grade
    • Leave written feedback
    • Leave audio/video feedback 
  • To enter a grade for the submission, type the score into the Attempt box located on the right-hand side
  • To leave written and/or audio/video feedback, click on the blue bar beneath the Attempt box
little blue line
  • To leave written feedback, type in the Feedback to Learner box that opens
    • NOTE: Only use Feedback to Learner if you want the student to have access to the written or verbal comments. (Students never see Grading Notes)
  • To leave audio/video feedback, click on the A located at the bottom of the feedback box to expand the text editor
Feedback to Learn dialog box
  • From there select More… (...)
Select the 3 dots
  • Select Add Content (+)
insert from Webcam
  • From there, select Insert from Webcam
insert from Webcam
  • If prompted, click allow
dialog box
  • This window should appear:
Insert from Webcam
  • Feedback can be given with or without video-endabled
  • Once ready to record, click on the red Record button located along the bottom of the page
  • You will see a recording count down prior to it starting.
    • NOTE: You may click pause or stop at any time throughout the recording
start audio
  • Once you are done recording, click stop and review your recently recorded video
  • Once reviewed, click Save and Exit
save and exit
  • If desired, you may rename the recording (or add alternative text)
  • Once ready, click Insert Recording
insert recording
  • Here you are able to add any desired comments for the student
  • When you are done giving feedback, click Submit in the bottom right corner
  • This is how your audio/video feedback should appear
  • Once a grade and feedback has been given, click Submit
screen appearance

What will my students see?

  • When the student clicks on their grades, they will see a teal dialog bubble next to their score that indicates that feedback has been given for that assignment
audio play screen

Adding Audio/Video Feedback Directly from the Grade Center

To add an audio/video feedback message to any grade directly from the Grade Center:

  • Click the box the grade is in and click on the drop-down arrow
  • Select Quick Comment
  • Select Text Editor
  • Select More... (...)
  • Follow the same steps listed under Adding Audio/Video Feedback to Assignments
adding a voice comment

Page last modified June 14, 2021