The Examined Life

The Examined Life Chinese Perspectives, Essays on Chinese Ethical Traditions

Edited by Xinyan Jiang and foreword by Robert Cummings Neville. 2002

This well-coordinated anthology of articles focuses on some essential and critical aspects of Chinese ethical tradition presented in the contemporary analytical language of comparative philosophy. But at the same time this young generation of Chinese philosophers mostly trained in America often convey insights from roots of Chinese philosophy and Chinese methodology which would strongly complement the Western approach and hence stimulate and promote re-thinking on ethical and moral issues from a global and comparative perspective. Chung-ying Cheng

Contributors: Sin Yee Chan, Xunwu Chen, John Zijiang Ding, Ruiping Fan, Yong Huang, Jay Goulding, Xinyan Jiang, Chenyang Li, Bo Mou, Peimin Ni, Jiyuan Yu

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