Polishing the Chinese Mirror: Essays in Honor of Henry Rosemont, Jr.

Edited by Marthe Chandler and Ronnie Littlejohn

Rosemont is recognized by four generations of scholars working on Chinese and Comparative Philosophy: those of his own teachers generation; his collegial generation; the mid-career faculty working in the field; and those young and rising scholars who are being influenced and shaped by his work. This anthology contains articles from each of these generations to honor Rosemont's work and to provide a venue for the publication of a rigorous scholarly analysis of his varied contributions to the field.

Contributors: Roger T. Ames, Bao Zhiming, Mary Bockover, Marthe Chandler, Ewing Y. Chinn, Erin M. Cline, Fred Dallmayr, Jeffrey Dippmann, Herbert Fingarette, Harrison Huang, Eric Hutton, Philip J. Ivanhoe, David Jones, William La Fleur, Ronnie Littlejohn, Ni Peimin, Michael Nylan, Harold Roth, Sumner Twiss, Tu Weiming, David Wong, with responses from Henry Rosemont, Jr. and a brief Reminiscence by Noam Chomsky.

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