Metaphilosophy and Chinese Thought, Interpreting David Hall

Edited by Ewing Chinn and Henry Rosemont Jr., 2003

Selected from a memorial conference in celebration of the life and works of David Hall, the papers in this volume discuss two distinct, though interrelated aspects of Halls work  metaphilosophy and Chinese thought. The volume presents us not only a synoptic review of Halls rich array of philosophical contributions, but also important areas in which controversies may prove to be most productive.

Contributors : Richard Rorty, Robert C. Neville, Joanna Crosby, Joseph Grange, Roger T. Ames, Ewing Chinn, Sor-hoon Tan, Chenyang Li, Ronnie Littlejohn, Jane Geaney, Thomas Michael, Erin Cline, and Han

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