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The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence (CSCE) promotes a culture of active, engaged and ethical scholarship through supporting innovative faculty and student research and collaborative partnerships in the broader community. The University provides unique opportunities to contribute to the knowledge or activity that further encourages one to follow their curiosity.

Sok Kean Khoo

Working to find a biomarker that will detect Parkinson's disease at an early stage of development. 


Alan Steinman is leading an international group of scientists in an exploratory research study to find out what kinds of toxic chemicals and bacteria are attracted to tiny pieces of plastic that are increasingly being found in lakes and oceans worldwide.

The Olosho Ethnobotany Project

This applied community-based project is working with local Maasai healers to document medicinal plant usage.

Superbug Research

Superbug Scare: Rachel Powers, Brad Wallar, David Leonard, and their teams of undergraduate students are searching for solutions to antibiotic
resistance in pathogenic bacteria.”

Honey Research

Members of the student organization GVSU Beekeepers harvested, extracted and bottled more than 360 pounds of honey.

Onsite primary care will be provided to older adults who are served through Grand Rapids Housing Commission and the Dwelling Place

Robert Hollister has been awarded funding by the National Science Foundation to study the impact climate change has on vegetation in the Arctic tundra.

Helen, a new translation.

Euripides' Helen, a 2017 collaboration of classics, theatre, music and visual and media arts.

The Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, the only venomous species of snake native to Michigan, is currently on the U.S. Endangered Species List.

aMDI is studying the scalability of 3D-additive manufacturing of medical devices.

Groundswell helps develop lifelong stewards of our Great Lakes through innovative, experiential education. 

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