Distinguished Contribution in a Discipline


In 1982 Grand Valley State University instituted awards to recognize distinguished contributions in a discipline. This award is given to a member of the faculty whose performance in scholarly or creative activities, or whose contributions through service to professional organizations, is clearly outstanding. The basis for this award is demonstrated research, scholarly, or creative accomplishment or service through professional organizations, i.e., significant contribution to one's discipline, that is documented as exceptional by professional peers or public acclaim according to one of the following specific criteria: publication in professional media; professional awards, prizes, or honors; unsolicited reviews by critics or peers; support received through competitive applications to funding agencies, or impact on others in the discipline. The award may recognize a single, clearly exceptional accomplishment or a continued record of achievement. The award will be based primarily on accomplishments while a member of the GVSU faculty.

2022 Recipients

Corey Anton, Ph.D.
Professor of Communications
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Corey Anton is a leading contemporary scholar in the fields of communication theory, semiotics and general semantics, the philosophy of communication, and media ecology. His productivity has been remarkable, and his research output over 20 years has consistently been followed by high honors from colleagues and professional associations. Anton has published seven books, 35 articles, and 25 book chapters. A few of the many professional awards Anton has won for his scholarship include: the Outstanding Book Award from the National Communication Association (2021), Edmund S. Carpenter Award for Career Achievement from the Media Ecology Association (2021), and numerous Best Paper awards at professional conferences. In 2020, he was selected to deliver the Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture, an annual honor that highlights superstars in the field of general semantics. In summary, Anton is a highly respected scholar on the international stage. He embodies the highest accomplishments that one can expect in the academic world.

Corey Anton, 2022 Award for Distinguished Contribution in a Discipline

Bopi Biddanda, Ph.D.
Professor of Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bopi Biddanda is an internationally recognized expert in the field of microbial ecology and carbon biogeochemistry, particularly in the Great Lakes. In 2009, he was awarded the Chandler-Misener Award by the International Association for Great Lakes Research, for a GVSU-NOAA collaboration that elucidated the effects of river inflow and sediments on plankton in the Great Lakes. His publication record is remarkable and highly cited, including nearly 80 publications, with an average of almost 50 citations per article. The vast majority of his publications include student authors. Biddanda attracts significant and continuing external funding for his research (from e.g., the EPA, NSF, NOAA, and NASA) totaling 1.5 million in just the past 10 years. This year, he was awarded a Fulbright Senior Fellowship (Spain, 2022) to study “lakes as sentinels of change”. In addition, he serves on the board of two journals, operates the Muskegon Lake Observatory, and serves as the GVSU coordinator for the NASA Michigan Space Grant Program. Biddanda’s activities, attitude, and productivity have brought distinction and recognition to GVSU.

Bopaiah Biddanda, 2022 Award for Distinguished Contribution in a Discipline

Application Materials

The Committee requires strong and substantial evidence for nominees.  Each dossier must contain all of the following. Dossiers with missing items will be returned unread.

  1. Completed Declaration Page
  2. A statement from the nominee, one or two pages in length, of that person's professional accomplishments deemed most significant
  3. Chair's letter (unless chair is the candidate): Must provide specific and detailed evidence on the quality and impact of the nominee's research.  Examples of evidence supporting the candidate’s accomplishments should include information about the scope, longevity and effect of his/her efforts
  4. A current curriculum vitae.
  5. Four letters of support from peers in a position to evaluate the nominee's work. At least two of the four letters of support must come from outside of GVSU, and all should be mailed directly to the chair of the nominee's department as listed on the letter of support.  The Research and Development Committee recognizes that there is a significant diversity of disciplines and recognized scholarly activities. To ensure that nominations from all disciplines are given a fair evaluation for the Distinguished Contribution in a Discipline Award, letters of nomination should address key categories and concepts for assessment of scholarly activity and research, as recognized within the candidate's discipline.
  6. Other supplementary materials may be submitted as part of the PDF but are not required

**Please note: ONLY the above stated documents, combined into a single PDF, will be accepted as a completed nomination packet. No additional documents will be accepted. Please submit electronically to: [email protected]

Process and Timeline

  1. Each year the Faculty Research and Development Committee will request nominations. Each nomination, which may or may not be solicited by the candidate, must be supported in signature by three peers within or outside GVSU and the Dean’s signature. Members of the Faculty Research and Development Committee may not nominate candidates for this award. A faculty member may be nominated by his/her unit, a faculty member inside or outside his/her unit, or by any student or alumni with knowledge of the nominee’s qualifications for the award.
  2. A complete dossier must be received by the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence no later than November 1. The nominee’s unit is responsible for obtaining pertinent data and providing the required information.  Please check with your Dean for any deadline requiring you to submit to the Dean's office for review and signatures prior to being sent to CSCE by November 1.
  3. The Faculty Research and Development Committee will review all candidates and make appropriate recommendations to the Provost by December 15.
  4. The Provost will inform the Research and Development Committee and the awardee of her decision.   The awards need not be made each year if, in the opinion of the Provost and/or the Committee, there are no suitable candidates.
  5. The award, consisting of a plaque plus a cash payment, is presented by the Provost at the Faculty Awards Convocation, held in February. 


All tenured and tenure-track faculty members. 

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