Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Requirement

RCR Information

All College of Education graduate students must complete CITI Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training and Certification module as a graduation requirement. This online training should be completed prior to completion of 50% of the graduate program or prior to engaging in any research activity.

Students who apply for a project (ED_693) or thesis (ED_695) must complete RCR prior to being authorized to register for their course. If they have not yet completed RCR when they submit their application, they will receive an email reminder from Mickie Shannon-Wildt (, and must complete the training prior to being authorized to register.

RCR Certification expires after 3 years and must be current while engaging in any research activity.


Please contact Mickie Shannon-Wildt ( in the Student Information and Services Center with any questions concerning RCR in the College of Education.

What do I need to do?

Link to the CITI Training Requirements

Students will select “Education (All Programs)” and click on “CITI Modules”.  They will then be directed to create an account, and will see the instructions below the CITI logo.  Once they are logged in, they will see the following 3 options, and will select one based on their graduate program.  NOTE: Unless students are in Adult & Higher Ed/CSAL or Educational Technology, they will select the 1st option.

  • RCR – College of Education Grad Students (All Programs EXCEPT AHE/CSAL and Educational Technology)
    Stage 1 - Basic - 10 modules
  • RCR – College of Education Graduate Students (AHE/CSAL Program ONLY)
    Stage 1 - Basic - 12 modules
  • RCR - College of Education Graduate Students (Educational Technology Program ONLY)
    Stage 1 - Basic - 7 modules

Successful completion of the training will be reported to the Office of the Registrar and notated on the student’s transcript within 2-3 weeks after completion of the online training.

Additional Information

Additional information on Responsible Conduct of Research may be found on the university's information page at