Ph.D. Program in Educational Leadership

Grand Valley State University has partnered with other Michigan universities to provide a pathway for earning a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Educational Leadership. These programs are designed to develop leaders to demonstrate reflective thought and scholarship within the context of a culturally diverse society.

  • Courses are available in online formats.
  • 27 of 30 credits from a completed Educational Specialist Degree in Leadership (Ed.S.) at GVSU will be accepted by Central Michigan University (CMU) and Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and count towards the course requirements for their Ph.D. programs.
Graduate Program Contact
Graduate Program Contact

Gregory Warsen, Ph.D.

(616) 331-6209 

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University's Ph.D. in Educational Leadership is designed for educational leaders who seek to develop and refine their knowledge and skills to help transform education through practice. The program offers streamlined course options to allow degree completion in 2 ½ years, evening and weekend courses with schedules tailored to the needs of working professionals, and multiple perspectives for you to gain enhanced insight in the K-12 and higher education environments.

Students interested in more information about CMU's Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership, please visit CMU's Program Fact Packet. Complete your application for admission to Central Michigan University online at: CMU Online Graduate Application.

Eastern Michigan University

Practicing administrators will find Eastern Michigan University's Ph.D. program is designed to support the application of educational leadership theory to meet the challenges of practice in a changing environment; that the emphasis is on applied research and application of that research; and that the focus is on gaining insight and skills for initiating improvement within educational organizations.

Students interested in more information about the EMU Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership, please visit EMU's Program Fact Sheet. Complete your application for admission to Eastern Michigan University online at: EMU Online Graduate Application.