Academic Success

Co-Curricular Collaborations

The Division of Student Services is committed to collaborating with you to enhance student learning in and out of the classroom. The list of topics below provide a wide array of programs that can be covered within your class. To request a specific topic please click the "REQUEST PROGRAM" link and complete the request form.


Deep Processing Study Strategies

Most students know that in order to get good grades, outside study time is important. What many students don't know is what to do to make that study time effective. We will share deep process learning techniques that students can use to make deeper connections and increase understanding of course material.  "The Power Hour" study technique will help students set study goals and focus their study time so that it is effective and meaningful.


Goal Setting

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  This workshop will help students take a vision and create tangible goals and action steps to help them achieve it. Students will learn the power of writing and reflecting on goals, what a SMART goal is and they will leave with an action plan for achieving one personal or academic goal.


Making the Grade: Strategies for Successful Test Taking

Doing well on tests/exams requires a plan. Each course and each exam is different and successful test performance is a process that begins way before the test is given and continues after the test is over. This presentation will discuss the three stages of the testing process and help students establish a test preparation plan that they can use in each of their courses. The role of the professor, course material, study strategies and resources will be discussed.


Time Management

This presentation will include suggestions for organization systems and time management techniques that will help students be in control of their life and learning. We will help students identify strategies that they can put in place immediately to help them achieve their goals and improve their effectiveness. We will also discuss common pitfalls and challenges of implementing a structured system.


Using Resources to Reach Your Goals

Many students feel they should be able to do everything on their own and struggle with asking for help or seeking resources.  Knowing what resources are available and feeling comfortable using them is key to student success.  We will review academic, personal, and technological resources that will assist students in being successful as well as discuss the role of self-advocacy in success.


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