What We Do

Avi Shabbat, spring 2017


We create spaces where folks from different religious, secular and spiritual traditions can be together in shared community.  These spaces could be service trips, retreats or other both formal and informal gatherings where students can learn from one another.  We also partner with student interfaith interns from other local colleges, such as Aquinas College, Calvin College, and Hope College. They promote interfaith efforts on their respective campuses, and also within the wider community.


We create programming around religious literacy to help students learn how to live pluralistically in a religiously diverse world.  These programs include site visits to local houses of worship and panels over community members of various religious, secular and spiritual identities over a shared topic.    


We advocate to create a space where people from all different religious, secular and spiritual traditions can feel safe at GVSU.  We work with our various religious, secular and spiritual student organizations through our faith based advisor meetings and with check in’s with the student organization presidents. We also partner with the other Social Justice centers and participate with the intersections initiative. It gives everyone the opportunity to look at our world through multiple lenses, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, class, etc. By doing so, we get a deeper understanding of how our identities situate us in the economic, political, and social world.

Ways to get involved:

Students: Become an interfaith ambassador

Advisors/Staff/Faculty: Join the Faith-Based Advisors 


For more information:

Contact CIR@gvsu.edu with any questions

Follow Campus Interfaith Resources on Facebook and Twitter.  

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