Multifaith Calendar

The 2015 climate survey reminds us that campus community members hold a wide variety of beliefs and practice many faiths (see sample data here). While the majority of campus identifies as Christian, spiritual or non-religious, significant numbers of faculty, staff, and students are adherents of other faiths, with the largest minority religious communities being Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist.  The Campus Interfaith Resources Calendar reflects the information received from representatives of each faith regarding Holy Days that, in their view, would require (or recommend) an observant's absence from (or suspension of) work for religious observance purposes (can also be in the form of special worship). It is also important to note that there are many holy days associated with various faiths and that the absence of such dates on this list should not be interpreted to mean that there should be no accommodation for students who observe those holy days.  We encourage you to check course and event calendars soon to make alternative arrangements, if needed.


For a more exhaustive list of religious holidays you can look at this multifaith calendar.