Interfaith Ambassadors: Creating a Pluralistic Campus

Campus Interfaith Resources believes that college is a great place for students to start to gain interfaith leadership skills.  Recent studies have shown that about 85% of students think colleges and universities should be accepting of students of various worldviews.  Eboo Patel, founder and director of the Interfaith Youth Core, called colleges the “ideal civic laboratory for interfaith cooperation” and calls for students to build bridges across religious differences while remaining true to their own tradition.  With this charge in mind, Campus Interfaith Resources created the Interfaith Ambassador Program to help make GVSU a more pluralistic campus. This group will come together to 1) participate in service activities to see common values regardless of different traditions, 2) advise the Campus Interfaith Resources staff on programs and events and, 3) present on religious literacy to the GVSU community.

Group around a table talking
Students with Susan Henry Crowe
Students on the ground eating dinner

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Page last modified May 18, 2020