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Blue Nucleus is a marketplace serving comprehensive custom software development resource primarily staffed by undergraduate and graduate computing students, driven by principles of equitable access. With a mission to offer transformative experiential learning, the clinic aims to integrate classroom knowledge with real-world multidisciplinary projects for all computing students. Within the clinic, students work alongside experienced professional developers on commercially managed projects for real clients, as early as their sophomore year, providing up to 3x the amount of experiential learning in their academic pathway at GVSU. Blue Nucleus extends its impact to the broader community by making computing talent accessible to those currently financially excluded, and to organizations who wish to invest directly in computing talent development. The clinic seeks to enrich computing education and empower both students and the community at large.  Do you have a need for a custom software deliverable? Contact us to explore how we can help. 

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Have a software project?

It's easy and affordable to engage a Blue Nucleus dev team on your custom software project. 

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Are you a GVSU student?

Get in touch to learn how you can apply your coding skills to real world projects while you are still a student! 

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Blue Nucleus is an experiential learning platform created and led by GVSU's Applied Computing Institute (ACI) and a building block within GVSU's broader Blue Dot Initiative.  

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