Health & Safety Education & Training



You have been asked to complete a series of assigned training modules as part of our new staff on-boarding process OR as part of our annual department education. Modules have been assigned based on job title and provide an opportunity to learn, acknowledge understanding and ask questions related to the health & safety measures implemented here at GVSU.   

The goal of these trainings is to help prepare you for the role you'll play in protecting the health & safety of our student-athletes.  Emergency situations occur without warning and having additional staff fully trained on how to appropriately recognize and respond will help to decrease catastrophic incidents.  Some of the trainings will require an additional in-person rehearsal that will be arranged through a member of the athletic training staff.  

Trainings will be updated and assigned throughout the year as new guidance is made available from the NCAA or institutional policies are updated.

The health & safety of our student-athletes is vitally important so thank you for your support of a safer athletics environment and your participation in these trainings.


Gretchen Goodman - Associate Athletics Director for Athletics Healthcare

Jim Winkler - Head Athletic Trainer


Page last modified August 20, 2023