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Asian Student Achievement Program (ASAP)

The Asian Student Achievement Program is designed to create an environment where students can achieve their potential at GVSU while being their full, authentic selves. This program is open to all students and embodies GVSU’s values of diversity, equity, and inclusion and the Office of Multicultural Affairs’ commitment to student success.

Asian Student Orientation

Asian Student Orientation is a program open for all students and specifically designed to introduce new Asian students to GVSU's campus and to connect you to resources and services that will support your academic, cultural, and emotional well-being. The Asian Student Orientation kickoff is on Sunday, August 20, 2023 and continues on through Tuesday, August 22. The orientation is free and it allows students an early opportunity to connect with other students, faculty, and staff. This program is intentionally designed to create culturally-responsive and educational spaces for our diverse communities. Programming is open to students regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, or other protected identity.

Contact Information

Brown/Grey background with ASAP Program Coordinator

Assistant Director: Joey Cha 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 616-331-8596


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