Die Tanzgeiger - September 26, 2018

Die Tanzgeiger

Die Tanzgeiger (The Dance Fiddlers) is the name of a seven-member ensemble hailing from the eastern provinces of Austria. This group uses a delightful combination of fiddles and other instruments to produce traditional folk music from Austria. These versatile tunes inspire dancing but are also valued in a concert setting. When listening to the music of the Tanzgeiger, one is transported into an atmosphere of powerful, heartfelt, and genuine music, with just the right dose of jaunty sass.

Over the three decades of musical and life history, the instrumentation, repertoire, and arrangements have changed. And an intimate tie with their own roots and an ear for the new have remained constant. During countless trips through Austria, Europe, and the entire world, their musical language has found understanding everywhere.

Celebrations and festivals, dances, conferences and concerts—opportunities to play have been and remain as plentiful as the many fine reasons to enjoy life. Their performances are powerful, heartfelt, virtuosic, rousing, fiery, gonzo, ever authentic and offered with just the right amount of self-mockery.

More information may be found at http://www.tanzgeiger.at/en

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