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To Apply

Application Information

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to begin their application process the year preceding their desired entry into the graduate program. A graduate information packet may be requested from the GVSU Admissions office. In addition to the requirements listed in the Graduate Admission section of the GVSU catalog, applicants must also meet the additional requirements outlined below. Applicants must submit the following:

  1. A completed graduate application. This must be done electronically.
  2. Satisfactory GRE scores (general tests only).
  3. Official transcripts submitted directly from each institution of higher education previously attended.
  4. A 500-word essay detailing educational and professional goals.
  5. Three references.

Admission will be based on the materials submitted by the applicant and on the perceived ability of the University to successfully provide appropriate academic support for the candidate. In addition, departmental admission policy requires that a faculty member agree to serve as an applicant's Graduate Committee Chair before admission. Please note, applicants will not be admitted unless a faculty member has consented to serve as the Committee Chair. Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Biology Graduate Program Coordinator as early as possible to begin the process of identifying a Graduate Committee Chair.

A minimum overall 3.0 GPA is required. Students may be given full or conditional admission. Conditional admission may be granted to students with identified deficiencies in their background, but who are otherwise qualified for program admission. Specific requirements to remediate any such deficiencies will be defined by the Biology Graduate Program Committee and the student's Graduate Committee Chair.

Graduate students interested in working with faculty at AWRI may be eligible for AWRI graduate assistantships.