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The HerStory series offers the GVSU community the opportunity to hear stories of women in leadership positions firsthand and discover how these experiences led to their success. In 2015, the Women's Commission hosted the 50th installment of the HerStory series.

2017-2018 HerStory Series


Cynthia McCurren: October 18, 12p-1p, University Club (Downtown)

V’Lecea Hunter: January 24, 12:30p-1:30p, KC 2204

Lorie Tuma: February 22, 12p-1p, KC 2204


Please visit the GVSU Women's Commission YouTube Channel to view previous installments of HerStory.

If you are in need of any accommodations to participate in these programs, please contact us at for assistance.

Past HerStory Presenters

2016-2017: Takeelia Garrett, Suzeanne Benet, Melanie Shell-Weiss

2015-2016: Renee Freeman, Zulema Moret, Melba Ortiz

2014-2015: Maggie McCrystal, Marcia Haas, Mary Sharp

2013-2014: Michelle Burke, Koletta Moore, JoAnn Wassenaar

2012-2013: Carol (Griff) Griffin, Nancy Giardina, Elaine Collins, Mary Elizabeth Lyon

2011-2012: Natalia Gomez, Danielle DeMuth, Sylvia Mupepi, Maureen Wolverton

2010-2011: Kate Stoetzner, Shelley Irwin, Regina McClinton, Sonia Dalmia

2009-2010: Cheryl Boudreaux, Cassonya Carter, Karen Libman, Connie Dang, Michelle Coffill

2008-2009: Jeanne Arnold, Sue Sloop, Lorraine Alston, Diane Madsen, Sandra Jennings

2006-2007: Jane Toot, Shailey Menon, Susan Mendoza, Elizabeth Eubanks, Nanette Reynolds

2005-2006: Sharon Robideaux, Maribeth Wardrop, Judy Whipps, Julia Mason, Gayla Jewell, Priscilla Kimboko, Lee VanOrsdel

2004-2005: Pat Parker, Barb Bergers, Jan Joseph, Catherin Ferichs, Barbara Polombi, Arnie Smith-Alexander

2003-2004: Lois Smith-Owens, Wendy Wenner, Pat Oldt, Veta Tucker

HerStory Recommendations

Know someone that has an inspirational HerStory? We appreciate suggestions for potential speakers.

Please complete this form and we may contact her for a HerStory segment!