Van Andel Global Trade Center

Global Consulting

At Van Andel Global Trade Center we provide world-class international business solutions at affordable rates. We have access to international business resources and some of the most experienced specialists in the area to ensure your success in the global economy.

"It is very rare that you can walk away from a conference with this amount of information."

"Wow! Very intense but completely explained and put into real-life situations."

"I feel so much more confident"

--Attendees of a recent consulting program
The global consulting services is designed to assist the company that does not have enough resources to hire private consultants, yet needs to begin proactively engaging international markets.

The goal is for companies to utilize the assistance for a period of time, up to where they are expanding their global business, have internal trained staff, and have integrated processes within their company to improve trade efficiencies.

While this period is different for each company, the mission is to graduate companies after all objectives have been achieved.

Van Andel Global Trade Center consults
your company on the following areas:

  • Market entry
  • Exporting/Importing
  • Foreign investment
  • Compliance
  • Logistics
  • Service providers
  • Sourcing
  • Culture
  • Market research
  • Foreign Trade Zone

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