TRIO Upward Bound


Whether or not you reach your goals in life depends entirely on how well you prepare for them and how badly you want them. You're eagles! Stretch your wings and fly to the sky. - Ronald E. McNair



WELCOME to the Grand Valley State University TRiO Upward Bound website!  Here you will find information about the program, how to obtain application information, academic year and summer residential program details, cultural trip information and meet our faculty and staff members.

The GVSU TRiO Upward Bound Program is housed in the College of Education, located on the Pew Campus in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.  The program is designed to assist academically talented students from traditionally underserved backgrounds reach their potential by earning a college degree.  The goal of the program is to help students build the academic skills, motivation, and self-confidence necessary for success in a college setting by providing academic advising, ACT test preparation, tutoring, cultural activities, service learning and community service experience.

If you have any questions about the program or enrolling, please contact us.

Page last modified October 3, 2013