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2016-2017 Members

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  Chris Dobson (Biology: 2014-2017)
  Peter Anderson (Classics Department: 2016-2019)
  Jon Hasenbank (Mathematics: 2016-2019) 
  Medar Serrata (Modern Languages and Literatures: 2014-2017)
  Regina Smith (Modern Languages and Literatures: 2015-2018)
  Julie Henderleiter (Chemistry: 2015-2018)
  Charles Lowe (Writing: 2016-2019) Christopher Shaffer, alternate fall 2016

 Seidman College of Business
  Sonia Dalmia (Economics: 2014-2017)
  Anne Sergeant (Accounting: 2016-2019)

Padnos College of Engineering and Computing
  Greg Schymik (Computing and Information Services: 2016-2019)

College of Health Professions
   Susan Cleghorn (Occupational Therapy: 2016-2019)

Kirkhof College of Nursing
Sue Harrington, CHAIR (College of Nursing: 2014-2017)

University Libraries
   DebbIe Morrow (University Libraries: 2014-2017)

College of Community & Public Service
   Scott Berlin (School of Social Work: 2015-2018) Dianne Green-Smith, alternate fall 2016

College of Education
   Doug Busman (Education: 2015-2018)

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies
    Rachel Peterson (Liberal Studies: 2016-2019)

Provost or designee (ex officio)
Chris Plouff  (Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs) 

Student Senate Representative
    Taylor Boyd (graduate)  

Service Units    
   Ginger Lange
   Colleen Lindsay-Bailey    
   Michael Saldana       
   Kate Harmon
   Joy Gianakura