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Community of Scholars

Community of Scholars

Community of Scholars

Developing a community of learners and researchers has been a key to the success of TI thus far.

Developing The Community

  • Establish the support of the chemistry faculty from program conception.
  • Develop a personal relationship with teachers through application interviews.
  • Unify the course content and instructional methods
  • Maintain constant communication between course instructors to ensure common course objectives and philosophy.
  • Set high standards and provide adequate support for success.

Community of Scholars is a Key to Success

  • "There was so much constructive criticism, so much building on. We wanted to reference everybody on our lab because so many people added critical features that we felt just made the lab so much better."
  • "I've been in another cohort before and I think the thing that this cohort has over that cohort group was that there are 4 faculty members overlooking this program and there are always the 4 of you as the go to people. You are beyond enthusiastic about what you're doing here and it shows. Knowing that we could contact any one of you and say here I am, I'm in the middle of my fall term I'm trying to do something, and I know that any one of you would drop what you are doing and try to help us out."
  • "I think one of the benefits was that when you asked us does this need to be changed or you got the feeling that something wasn't right, you changed it. And so I feel like we had a lot of ownership of the program also."

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