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GVSU Faculty Resources

The following resources were developed by GVSU faculty.  Please click on the faculty person's name to view the materials they developed.

Dave Ballard, Criminal Justice, "Teaching the Literature Review"

Roger Gilles, Writing, "Helping Students Organize Their Writing"

Linda Goossen, Clinical Laboratory Science, "Syllabus for CLS 495"

Paul Huizenga, Biology, "Student Feedback that Works"

Jodee Hunt, Biology, "Expectations of Student Writing: Great or Grating? - Scientific Writing Exercise"

Paul Jorgenson, Computer Science, "Computer Science 350"

Kim McCracken, "Managing the Paper Load:  General Education Classes"

Shaily Menon, Biology, "Expectations of Student Writing:  Great or Grating?  Writing for Obfuscation -- NOT!"

Sharon Preves, Sociology, "Managing the Paper Load"

Mark Schaub, Writing, "Effective Writing Assignments"

Mark Schaub, Writing, "Effective Prompts - Essay Exams"

Ellen Schendel, Writing, "Responding to and Grading Student Writing"

Clark Wells, Mathematics, "Syllabus for MTH 210: Communicating in Mathematics"

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