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2009 SWS Writing Assignment Award

The University Writing Skills Committee would like to announce the first annual Supplemental Writing Skills (SWS) Teaching Innovation Award. Teachers of SWS classes are invited to submit an original, innovative, and successful writing assignment or in-class writing lesson used in an SWS class which represents best practices for the teaching of writing. The committee will evaluate all submissions and choose one award winner who will receive a $100 gift certificate for Schuler Books. The award winning submission and any honorable mentions will be posted to the SWS website (or FTLC or Writing Center) in order that we may share and promote good practices for the teaching of writing across the disciplines.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are due no later than February 1, 2009. Teachers will submit a 2-3 page, single-spaced document organized into the following components:

  • The Assignment. Describe the writing assignment or in-class writing lesson. The description should be detailed enough that another faculty member in the same discipline would understand how to implement the assignment.
  • Rationale. Describe how the assignment or lesson helps students to meet outcomes for SWS and represents best practices for teaching of writing. If this assignment is based on any specific pedagogical theories, please explain how they are reflected in the assignment.
  • Evidence. Provide evidence on the success of the assignment. This might include teacher reflection, student feedback, sample student work, comments from colleagues who have implemented the assignment as well, or other supporting evidence.

In addition to the 2-3 page Assignment, Rationale, and Evidence document, also include (when possible) appendices with any handouts or visuals used with the assignment. Submit a .doc or .pdf electronically to the University Writing Skills Committee at

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