Our Mission at Student Life is empowering students to effectively engage with their communities through intentionally designed and inclusive programs, services, and environments.

Department Values

Student Life fosters learning, development, wellness, and success for students at Grand Valley State University.  We apply the following values to our work.

  • Inclusiveness  -- providing environments where the unique voices of all are included, engaged and supported

  • Personal Responsibility  -- expecting integrity, honesty, and accountability at all times

  • Community  -- engaging students in active leadership and service; celebrating campus rituals and traditions; preparing students to contribute their talents within a global society

  • Sustainability – modeling responsible use of human, fiscal and natural resources.

  • Collaboration -- partnering with students, faculty, staff and external constituents in order to realize shared goals

  • Innovation --   fostering  critical and creative thought to continually strengthen our programs and services and environments

Page last modified March 13, 2014