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Off-Campus Employers


Welcome Employers! Thank you for your interest in recruiting talented Grand Valley students. We look forward to working with you to help fulfill all your recruitment needs.

Off Campus Employers are defined as any employer physically located off of GVSU's campus that does not have access to GVSU's payroll system.

Off Campus businesses, non-profits, and independent individuals or families are welcome to post positions through LakerJobs.

Details about the employment arrangement should be made between the employer and the student. All conversations regarding pay-rate, expected hours, dress, code of conduct and expectations of employment should be discussed prior to the student being hired. It is expected that the job will pay the Michigan minimum wage unless other specific arrangements are made.

A Free Service

Grand Valley State University participates in a federal program called Job Location and Development (JLD). This program encourages the Student Employment Office to seek off campus and post part time employment opportunities for our student population. This is a FREE service to you. In order to continue providing this service to off campus employers we ask that you provide the Student Employment Office with the names and dates of employment of all Grand Valley students you employ.

Office Goal

The goal of the Student Employment Office is to provide a centralized source of employment information and opportunities for Grand Valley State University students. We are providing an opportunity for practical work experience as a means of financial assistance while at Grand Valley. The Student Employment Office provides an online resource, LakerJobs, enabling students to search for different employment opportunities, both on campus and off campus.