MSPC 2013 Honorable Mention


2013 National Qualifiers and Honorable Mention


National Qualifiers:

·         Bella Arnold, Knapp Forest Elementary, “Where in the World Are Tigers?”

·         Maddie Tyska, Ada Vista Elementary, “Where are the most horses?”


Honorable Mention:

·         Jackson Emmert, Georgetown Elementary, “Favorite Pops”

·         Claire Bertrand, Knapp Forest Elementary

·         Zella Stratbucker and Sydney Roguske, Knapp Forest Elementary, “Daily Births”

·         Abigail Christy, Andrew Jonkman and Cole Marshall, Georgetown Elementary, “Favorite Animals”

·         Elaina Fuzi and Elise Gort, Georgetown Elementary, “Favorite Book Series”

·         Tara Kloostra and Paige Endres, Knapp Forest Elementary

·         Maysen Ledger and Kassidy VanHaistma, Georgetown Elementary, “Favorite Sports”

·         Jacob Potter, Knapp Forest Elementary

·         Grace Colburn and Carly Wittlinger, Knapp Forest Elementary


Grades 4-6

National Qualifiers:

·         Luke Polus, Colin Rockwell and Juhyeon Yeo, Kazoo School, “Parental Help with Homework”

·         Robert Isacksen and Daniel Lassila, Kazoo School, “Electric  vs. Gas!! Which car is more economical to own?”


Honorable Mention:

·         Samuel Betts, Camille Kittredge, Grace Littke and Kendall Schau, Kazoo School, “How Aware Are You of Your Hand-to-Face or Hand-to-Hair Contact?”

·         Sophia Whiteman, Nancy Munoz and Ximena Figueroa-Enriquez, Jefferson K-7, “Keep it Green, Keep it Clean!”

·         Catrina Buchanan, Shrine Catholic Grade School, “What do you use before you hang up your work?”

·         Max Todas and Andrew Duddy, Kazoo School, “Super Fantastic Funny Pages”

·         Tanner Glanville, Baldwin Street Middle School, “Height Fight”

·         Kendall Davidson, Edgewood Elementary, “Choices - Music or Art?”

·         Grace Kruszewski, Shrine Catholic Grade School, “The Subject Project”


Grades 7-9

National Qualifiers:

·         Gwyneth Ackerman, Eastern Middle School, “Water VS Band-Aids The Ultimate Face-off”

·         Brianne Siple, St. John Lutheran, “I Thought I Saw a Puddy Cat”


Honorable Mention:

·         Peter Tullock, St. John's Lutheran School, “Case:  Illusions”

·         Sophia Devarenne, Eastern Middle School, “The Healthiest Leaves of Lettuce”

·         Kalli Banks, Elias Cartier, Joseph Ghahramani and Amelia Dame, Kazoo School, “When Off Means On:  Energy Vampires Among Us”

·         Sarah Siekkinen, Sofia Simek, Shannon Wood and Meredith Tiller, St. Joseph School, “Rap It, Sing It, Rock It”

·         Andrew DeBaker and Allen Willman, St. Joseph School, “Are You Active?”


Grades 10-12

National Qualifiers:

·         Katie Marlow and Becky Gailbreath, Saline High School, “Do Underclassmen Carry More?”

·         Rebekah Menchak and Anand Saripalli, Saline High School, “Does Hook's Law truly predict the potential energy of a spring?”


Honorable Mention:

·         Rachel Hysong and Brianne Hovde, Saline High School, “Optical Illusions”

·         Nicholas C. Schweitzer and Samantha J. McGavin, West Catholic High School, “You Mean There is About a 43% Chance I share a Birthday with someone in this classroom?”


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