Bottom, MND
Dale Hull as Bottom in FESTIVAL GREENSHOW, 1994


Peter Bisson
Pete Bisson & Scott Baisden in FESTIVAL GREENSHOW, 1998


















Witches from MACBETH
The Witches from MACBETH, 1999

Kateri Kline-Johnson, Combatives Coach 
Kateri Kline-Johnson, Combatives Coach

Paul Riopelle, A.E.A., HAMLET, 2005
Man hold skull in Hamlet play

KING HENRY IV, part one
Matt Bryant as Poins with the gals from i HENRY IV, 2003





















Musicians playing by a fountain
Festival Greenshow 1996






Jim Bell, Festival Director 
Jim Bell, Festival Director

i HENRY IV, The Ensemble, 2003

Karen Libman
Stage Director, Karen Libman

Two people carrying wood logs
Christina Hoffman & Dan Kennedy as Miranda & Ferdinand, THE TEMPEST, 2001

Jill Dole Hamilton, Designer 
Jill Dole Hamilton, Designer

Western dressed couple dancing
Jason Bohan & Amber Gainey as Beatrice & Benedick, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, 1998

Sherrie Lee Allen
Choreographer, Sherrie Lee Allen, A.E.A., 2003

Paul Riopelle, A.E.A., MEASURE FOR MEASURE, 2004Paul Riopelle, MEASURE, 2004

Man standing in front of poster presentation
Student Competition winner John Rich, 1997

Kathy McIlheny
Kathy McIlheny as Snug, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, 1994

Founding Director Roger Ellis photo
Founding Director Roger Ellis

Michael Behrens
Michael Behrens, A.E.A., MACBETH, 1999

Ian Borden, Stage Director
Ian Borden, Stage Director

Prince Hal & Mistress Quickly
Bart Williams, A.E.A., & Nykkie Rizley, as Hal & Mistress Quickley, i HENRY IV, 2003




















Dr. Jo Miller  Dr. Jo Miller































Francesca Amari, BARD-TO-GO director PhotoFrancesca Amari, BARD-TO-GO director






























Designer Al Sheffield  Designer
  Al Sheffield

















Two students on knees pulling at another student

BARD-TO-GO 2004: Students Matt Bryant, Megan Johnson, Ken Phelps



































Group of students standing near stage

BARD-TO-GO players in conversation with high school students at Ottawa Hills, 2004



































Students hanging up costumes


















Paul Collins, Technical Director photo
Paul Collins, Technical Director





        Preparations in the costume shop, 2004

Nathan Sorseth, A.E.A Photo
Nathan Sorseth, A.E.A, LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST, 2006

Students building set
                                      Actor-techs Scott Lange & Sean Mogridge build the set, 2004

Lighting Designer Keith Oberfeld photo
Lighting Designer Keith Oberfeld





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