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Here are some opportunities for teachers and students

World Bird Sanctuary Bald Eagle - 2002 SSMUS presenter.

In the fall of each year, the RMSC hosts this conference for advanced high school biology students. Usually teachers bring classes of students to this conference. Registration is found on the Sam Rhine Genetic Update Conference website.

A statistics poster tells the story of a data set. Numbers and graphs are used to give voice to the truth behind the data. Whether the summary is a bar chart, histogram, or table of numerical summaries the focus should always be on the meaning behind the data. In a well-done statistics poster, the reader is able to discover the story behind the data by following the logical progression of the poster. The emphasis is on the visual display of results through well-placed graphs.

All students in grades K through 12 residing in Michigan are eligible to participate.

  • Michigan Science Olympiad - Region 12 

    Are you or your colleagues interested in participating in Science Olympiad? Science Olympiad is a national science competition designed to help students achieve and gain recognition for their work.  The goal is to improve the quality of K-12 science education throughout the nation by changing the way it is perceived and teaching with an emphasis on problem solving with hands-on, minds-on, constructivist learning practices.

There are many reasons why participating in Science Olympiad enriches your students and school.  It enhances students’ self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment; it heightens their interest in science and is fun!  Your school benefits by enriching science classroom programs, strengthening school spirit and involving the community in many positive ways.  For more information please visit .

The Regional Math and Science Center (RMSC) at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) is inviting educators in West Michigan to explore and utilize the Center’s Discovering STEM kits.  Developed by the staff at the RMSC, GVSU Professor Char Beckmann, and GVSU students, this Discovering STEM kit-lending program is designed to involve early elementary students in a STEM-based education. STEM-based programs integrate math, science, engineering, and technology aimed at developing a positive impact on student achievement and the quality of education in the classroom.

Designed to increase teacher, student, and parent interest in STEM-related subjects, Discovering STEM kits support teachers, parents, and volunteers in finding new and exciting ways to teach STEM-related curricular in and out of the classroom setting. Kits provide hands-on activities that include inquiry-based critical thinking, exploration of new ideas, and student engaged problem solving techniques.  All activities stimulate interaction, teamwork, and cooperation in a non-competitive environment.  Kit learning experiences are chosen that align with the Common Core State Standards and The Next Generation Science Standards.

Click here to find list and descriptions of Kits by subject science, math, and engineering.

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