NEW Discovering STEM kit Policy & Procedures

Thank you to those that participated in the Discovering STEM kit program!

For the 2014/2015 school year we experienced a large increase in kit use. This is notable and very welcomed! However, as the RMSC anticipates further increases, it is imperative to address a few items that impact future use.

  1. KIT PICK-UP / DROP OFF:  Allendale campus is experiencing growth.  For Discovering STEM kit users this means we have a new pick up and drop off site along with new procedures. Please be familiar with the new pick-up/drop-off and procedures by clicking here. Campus police are certain to ticket vehicles without permits. 

 2.  KIT REPLACEMENT POLICY: Kits are funded through grants, developed by faculty and assembled by staff. If for some reason       a kit is damaged or lost, schools will be expected to pay for the replacement of kits. Typically, kits cost between $120 and $175.       Please be respectful with kit handling and restocking. 


Interested in Reserving Kits?

Discovering STEM Kits are available for a one week loan.  To learn more about these kits, please click below:

Resources for Running a STEM Event

Thanks for checking out our kits!  The following resources are available for your use:


Thank you for checking out our kits!

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