Fall Science Update Call for Presenters

Date: Friday, September 5, 2014
Location: Unknown

This year's theme is "Celebrating Science Education: Past, Present Future."

Fall Science Update is celebrating the 30th year of providing current information, hands-on activities, and collegial exchange through a variety of presentation on contemporary topics related to science, engineering, and technology.  The conference will also showcase an elementary and secondary keynote address on the future of science education.  This year’s keynote speaker is master teacher Larry Fegel.  During his presentations, he will share the successes and challenges of over 40 years of teaching science in West Michigan, as well as what he foresees for the future of science education.

If you have a topic or expertise to offer, please join us in presenting at this year’s conference by submitting your registration application.

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For more information please visit: fall-science-update-21.htm


Margo Dill