Regional Math and Science Center

Karen Meyers, Director

Contact Information

C-1-123 Mackinac Hall
MA in Curriculum & Teaching, Michigan State University
BS in Mathematics; Minors in Physical Science & Education, Michigan State University
Program Specialties

As Director of the Center, my program responsibilities span both science and mathematics within our region and at the state level.   These activities include:

  • Developing programs for building science and mathematics teacher leadership 
  • Offering workshops on understanding, designing, and assessing inquiry-based teaching and learning
  • Coordinating teacher, student, and community events with state and national initiatives
  • Working with AWRI to provide GLOBE training and support to area schools
  • Presenting at local, state, and national conferences.
  • Leading the RMSC's Michigan Math Leadership Academy (MMLA) team


  • Michigan Mathematics and Science Teacher Leader Collaborative
  • Michigan Space Grant Consortium: International Polar Year

Background Information / Interests

Coming from a teaching background in middle school science and high school mathematics, I joined the RMSC staff in the fall of 1993.  I particularly enjoy the work that I have been able to do in teacher professional development, especially in the areas of teacher leadership and inquiry-based teaching and learning.  Areas of interest to me professionally, that I hope to pursue in the future, are the use of models (modeling) in the science classroom and the integration of science and mathematics with other disciplines.   


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