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Where information is given and received for the purpose of advancing excellence in mathematics and science education. Published during the academic year.

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Regional Math & Science Center
C-1-120 Mackinac Hall
Grand Valley State University
1 Campus Drive
Allendale, MI 49401
Telephone: 616-331-2267
Facsimile: 616-331-3412
e-mail: mthscctr@gvsu.edu
Web Page: www.gvsu.edu/rmsc


Kris Pachla, Director
Diane Miller, Office Assistant
Steve Mattox, Newsletter Editor mattoxs@gvsu.edu
Tari Mattox, Newsletter Editor
Kathy Agee, Science Program Coordinator
Chelsea Ridge, Program Coordinator
Shelly Micho, Secretary
Pam DeJong, Secretary

InterChange Schedule for 2016-2017

Month — Article Submission Deadline
September — Aug 30
October — Sep 30
November — Oct 28
December/January — Dec 2
February — Jan 27
March — Mar 3
April — Mar 31
May — April 28

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